“Awarding Heroes” – Zelenskyj visited soldiers near the Bakhmut front


“Awarding Heroes” – Zelenskyj visited soldiers near the Bakhmut front

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a surprise visit to his troops near the heavily contested frontline city of Bakhmut on Wednesday.

“I am honored to be here today to present awards to our heroes. To shake hands and thank them for protecting the sovereignty of our country,” Zelenskyy wrote on Telegram. Videos circulating on social media showed the head of state handing out awards to soldiers. In a military hospital, Zelenskyi addressed the wounded.

“Glory to all who now fight for Ukraine! May the memory of all those who gave their lives for our independence be blessed,” the president added.

Attacks on city center repelled
British military intelligence said the Russian attack on Bakhmut could lose its limited momentum. This may be because some units have been redeployed to other sectors, the British Ministry of Defense tweeted, citing intelligence. Ukrainian troops resisted Russian attempts to advance into the center of the small town on Tuesday.

“Fighting continues around the city center and the Ukrainian Defense remains under threat from a perimeter from the north and south,” the report said. However, there is a real chance that the Russian attack on the virtually destroyed city with more than 70,000 inhabitants will lose strength. This is also because some Russian units have been transferred to other front sections.

Source: Krone


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