Russians are alarmed: – Policemen are getting tougher against the people


This spring, police officers in Russia are breaking a sad record as their brutality rises and rises. People are punished with the greatest severity for trifles, and the state increasingly intervenes in personal affairs. For example, a citizen was arrested for watching “anti-war images” on his personal smartphone while riding the subway. Stories like this abound these days.

In the past two weeks, a tougher crackdown on critical voices in the country has been observed in Russia – it seems that Russian police officers are following a certain strategy to silence “uncomfortable” citizens as quickly as possible. For example, visitors to the Moscow bar “Underdog” were forced to sing Russian propaganda war songs – otherwise they would be tortured with stun guns.

prosecution for jokes
Only a joke about Russia’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of Kherson became the downfall of a Russian. A criminal case has now been brought against him for “discrediting the military”. The independent Russian news portal “Meduza” investigated the incidents and consulted lawyer and human rights activist Darya Korolenko, who publishes a monthly overview of “anti-war repression” in Russia.

The state demands full submission
For Korolenko, it is clear that Russia is moving from “conservative Putinism” to harder practices. The police officers are becoming increasingly outrageous and public against the people. For example, 19-year-old student and opponent of the war Olesya Krivzova was frightened and frightened with a sledgehammer during a house search.

16-year-old Yegor Balaseykin, who allegedly set fire to a conscript office, was threatened with beatings, rape and admission to a psychiatric hospital. Putin’s opponent Vladimir Kara-Mursa, who has already been poisoned twice and still does not want to give up, is not receiving medical attention. He can no longer feel his limbs.

And all this is accompanied by the sadism and anger of the security forces. There is no trace of morality or human rights. Sometimes people get beaten up in the street for no reason – just because the police don’t like the color of their hair or their clothes.

People must be made compliant
To stamp out any opposition to Putin’s war or the Russian state apparatus, the authorities are deliberately trying to break the will of the people. It is known from the stories of opponents of the war that various methods of torture are used for this purpose. Tormented by electricity, water, suffocation. People are also often threatened with rape.

The police officers are not interested in confessions from them. The goal is much more to intimidate the people. Meanwhile, anger rises in society. And as the aggressive propaganda increases, so does the resentment of the security forces. For Korolenko this is no coincidence, their forecasts are bleak.

But there is also hope. Because despite everything that happened last year, Russian society has not collapsed, according to the expert. And that has so far prevented authorities from promoting the idea that every Russian citizen actively supports the war.

Source: Krone


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