Truck driver has had enough – Hamburg: climate activist a kick in the stomach


The protests of the climate activists, especially the sticking on the street, are increasingly causing discussion. While some approve of the actions or can at least understand them, others – mostly motor vehicle drivers – are tense. In Hamburg, an activist was even physically attacked.

The activists of the last generation had again interrupted traffic on the New Elbe Bridge on Saturday to draw attention to their demands for a radical change in climate policy. There was an incident beforehand, a truck driver had had enough and pulled one of the demonstrators off the road.

Activist kicked in the stomach
Video footage posted to Twitter by Last Generation shows the man being pulled off the road and then kicked in the stomach. The truck driver also tries to follow other activists.

Concrete instead of instant glue
Instead of super glue, the activists in Germany now use fast-hardening concrete, which means that the secondment takes much longer. After the concrete has set, a milling machine must be used. Since the Elbe tunnel and the A7 are closed until Monday morning due to construction work, the Elbe bridges are the only way to get to Hamburg from the south. The protest caused major traffic jams.

Source: Krone


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