After massive protests – Israel: controversial judicial reform postponed


Israeli Police Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has announced a postponement of the controversial judicial reform of Israel’s right-wing religious government. A spokesman for the minister said on Monday that he had agreed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to postpone it until after the parliamentary break at the end of July.

In return, a “national guard” would be set up under the leadership of the far-right minister, it was announced. What this means in concrete terms was initially unclear. Media reports said Netanyahu sought to comment on the controversial judicial reform later on Monday. However, the exact time was initially unknown.

Defense minister sacked
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Galant on Sunday evening. He called on the right-wing religious government to engage with critics and warned that national security could be seriously compromised.

Mass protests against reforms
In Israel, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets for weeks to protest against the controversial reform. This would give the government a say in the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court. In addition, the government could overturn court decisions on the basis of a simple parliamentary majority.

Critics see the independence of the judiciary and thus democracy in Israel at risk. Netanyahu himself, who has been prime minister several times, is currently on trial on corruption charges.

Source: Krone


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