Town still in dispute – drone video shows devastation in Bachmut


Ukrainian troops on Monday released images showing the extent of the destruction in the hotly contested city of Bakhmut. The date of the drone shot was not given.

The Ukrainian army has reaffirmed its commitment to defending the city, which has suffered massive losses for months. Holding Bakhmut is a “military necessity,” the head of Ukraine’s land forces, Oleksandr Syrskyj, said on Monday. The situation in the eastern Ukrainian city has “stabilised”. The military administration had previously called for the evacuation of the southern city of Avdiivka.

The battle to defend Bakhmut is currently in its “most intense phase,” Syrskyj said after visiting the frontline. The situation is “challenging”. Although the enemy suffers significant losses in personnel, weapons and equipment, they continue to launch attacks. “Our defenders are heroically holding back the attacks under extremely difficult conditions and not giving the enemy the chance to carry out their plans,” he said.

Military chief calls for evacuation of Avdiivka
The head of the Ukrainian military administration in Avdiivka on Sunday called on residents of the city to evacuate. “You have to go, you have to pack your things, especially with your children,” the head of the military administration wrote on Telegram. “I’m sorry to say this, but Avdiivka is starting to look more and more like a place from post-apocalyptic movies.”

The evacuation of the remaining utilities in the city has begun and mobile phone reception will soon be turned off “because informants of the Russian occupiers are in the city.” The city in the Donetsk region had a population of more than 30,000 before the war.

Zelenskyj visits front near Zaporizhia
A few days after visiting army positions near Bakhmut, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the front again on Monday. “Zaporizhia region, positions at the front,” he said on his Facebook page. “I am grateful to all our warriors who defend Ukraine, our sovereignty, our cities and our children. We will surely win,” the president wrote.

Source: Krone


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