Partial custody – 32-year-old stabbed: “Was raped by him!”


First a forced abortion, then the woman claims to have been raped by two different men. Then she wanted to “teach someone a lesson” and stabbed him with a paring knife – but she didn’t want to kill him, she cries in court in Vienna. The prosecutor is charging attempted murder.

“It was a special sequence of events”, court psychiatrist Peter Hofmann describes the background of the suspected attempted murder. Years ago, the 32-year-old slipped into the drug scene and repeatedly absconded.

raped twice?
The said chain for the crime: Your ex-boyfriend allegedly urged you to have an abortion two weeks earlier. While she rejoiced in family happiness, he strictly refused to have a child. Divorce followed. She met someone new. At the first meeting, he allegedly tried to rape her behind a church. When she turned to an acquaintance a day later, sex also followed – there was a dispute about the consensual relationship.

The two drank alcohol, she woke up naked. “She believes he raped her the night before,” the prosecutor said. In this case, no investigation is carried out into the victim. Whether the sexual intercourse was forced can no longer be determined. But the suspect is firmly convinced of this and sobs hysterically: “I was raped by him!”

meeting escalated
She met the 48-year-old the next day in a “drugstore” in the 16th arrondissement. Both spent a lot of time there, buying and consuming drugs with like-minded people. “He grinned at me. With the same expression on his face when he lay on top of me,” the woman cries in the Viennese court. Then she stabbed twice – in the thigh and kidney area. Stings that can kill the man.

“She’s Not a Murderer”
“I wanted to hurt him a little bit. I didn’t want to kill him. I wanted to teach him a lesson so he wouldn’t do that again,” said the 32-year-old, and in unison with her lawyer Rudolf Mayer denied any intent to kill: “She’s not a murderer. She’s a poor, tortured girl who has been taken advantage of.”

Following the defense’s demands, the jury sentenced the woman to two years in prison for aggravated assault, with eight months suspended. The verdict is not final.

Source: Krone


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