NASA presents the first four crew members to return to the moon


NASA presents the first four crew members to return to the moon

The Artemis II mission is scheduled to launch in 2024, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has confirmed. The crew consists of a woman and a black man for the first time.

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NASA has introduced the first four astronauts, including a black woman and manwho will man Artemis missions, which the agency projects with return to the moon50 years after the Apollo missions.

The launch of the Artemis II mission is scheduled for 2024confirmed NASA administrator Bill Nelson during a performance at the space agency’s Johnson Center in Houston.

It’s about the Americans Gregory R Wisemanas commander, the African American Victor J Glover as pilot and mission specialists christine cookalso from NASA, and Jeremy Hansonthe last astronaut of the CSA (Canadian Space Agency).

The mission of for about 10 dayswill test the life support systems of the Orion spacecraft, attached to the ESA service module, to demonstrate the capabilities and techniques needed to live and work in deep space in a way that humans can, NASA reports.

Artemis II builds on the successful test flight Artemis Iwhich launched an unmanned Orion spacecraft, mounted on the SLS rocket, on a journey of about 1.45 million miles beyond the Moon to test the systems before flying astronauts aboard the systems on a mission to the surface of the Moon .

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