Internationally wanted – police catch Romanian change scammers


Over the weekend, two fraudsters were out in Carinthia, pretending to be in an emergency and exchanging worthless banknotes for euros. But now the police have caught up with them.

After the fraudsters got into mischief in Ferlach and Grafenstein on Saturday, the police received many reports of the same scam in the Spittal district on Sunday. “An indicator was able to photograph the license plate of the murder vehicle,” the police said. “As a result, officials were able to arrest two Romanian suspects with their car near Gmünd after a manhunt.”

Internationally wanted scammers
The two suspects (45 and 32 years old) have been provisionally arrested and questioned. They showed up only partially or not at all. But “a few hundred euros of cash was secured in the vehicle,” police continued. “A data comparison showed that there was an international arrest warrant for both men.”

The public prosecutor’s office in Klagenfurt therefore ordered the arrest of the two internationally wanted fraudsters and they were taken to Klagenfurt prison. After completion of the investigation, they must be reported to the public prosecutor’s office in Carinthia.

Source: Krone


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