Student desperate: – ‘Have to study longer because of outdated curriculum’


Student desperate: – ‘Have to study longer because of outdated curriculum’

If you study business law at the JKU in Upper Austria, you need a lot of patience: for the past three years you have been waiting for a new course schedule. In the fall it should be ready – the subject will be completely redesigned.

“We are really desperate,” complains Martin Gabl. The JKU student wants to study business law (WiJus), but fails due to bureaucracy. His studies are already delayed. “And some of my colleagues are missing out on subsidies as a result.”

bureaucratic jungle
The Background: Three years ago, the University of Linz changed its economics curriculum. The innovations have an impact on the WiJus profession because many programs in the two disciplines overlap. However, the course schedule for WiJus has still not been adapted to the new circumstances. That is why the approximately 800 law students have to find their way in an administrative jungle and ask themselves: which lectures from the new study schedule count and how many for my old study?

“Working on solution”
The Austrian Student Union (ÖH) at the JKU is familiar with the subject. “We help with advice, and there is already a concept for a completely new corporate law curriculum,” says ÖH boss Vanessa Fuchs. The newly designed topic could start in Linz as early as autumn. Fuchs explains the long revision period – three years – by saying that the course is now being retooled.

The JKU is not aware of problems with the training, there are corresponding replacement courses. Solutions are sought in individual cases.

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