Apparently removed – hiker discovers four dead stingrays in Lower Austria


A hiker made an extremely curious discovery in Bernhardsthal in Lower Austria on Saturday. She discovered a total of four dead stingrays next to the Hammelbach.

In fact, these animals are mainly found in the wild in South and Central America. It is all the more unusual and frightening that four of the cartilaginous fish were apparently discarded by unknown persons in the district of Mistelbach in Lower Austria.

From private aquarium
According to the “NÖN” report, the find is one large and three small freshwater rays. The animals would have been about half a meter in diameter. As the state police of Lower Austria stated, the stingrays are not particularly protected animals. Apparently they come from a private aquarium. There was initially no evidence of an owner.

Source: Krone


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