The result is available – there was real death gas in the cartridges from Gmunden


An analysis by the army showed that the two bottles handed in by a waste processing company actually contained phosgene. The substance is also called “green cross” and is very toxic!

It was so bad that it was almost ready for cabaret again: On March 10, the manager of a waste disposal company in Pinsdorf brought a red plastic box with two gas cartridges to the Gmunden police station. He stated that he had discovered the two gas pressure cylinders in a company warehouse and that the designation concerned him. The cartridges were labeled “Phosgene – poison gas!” and a skull.

Police station evacuated
When the police officers investigated what it was, there was great excitement. Phosgene is highly toxic. During World War I, the deadly poison gas became infamous as “Green Cross”. The police inspection was cleared, ABC experts from the army took the two cartridges to the Tabsch barracks in Korneuburg for examination – so the “Krone” reported.

result is available
A month later, the public prosecutor’s office in Wels now has the results. Spokesperson Christoph Weber: “It actually had phosgene in it.” Now the disposal company is under investigation for §181c “Intentional environmentally hazardous waste handling and transfer”. Because the company was authorized to dispose of it, but not to store it for years.

Source: Krone


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