Controversial verdict – Only conditional detention for stabbings in Eisenstadt


Emergency operation for victims after brutal stabbing attack: lenient sentence for perpetrators surprised trial observers.

Readers of “Krone” know the story: At a bus stop in Mattersburg last July, three teens attacked several teens with pepper spray and stabbed one of them.

Surprising confession: distraction
However, the victim was no stranger: the 16-year-old became notorious a little later when he and a Syrian beat a family man in Schattendorf shortly before Christmas. Not only the three young people who attacked the 16-year-old had to answer in court, but also the victim. Because he allegedly threatened the other three youths repeatedly – which he denied in the first trial.

The last act on Thursday. After a long hesitation, the stabbed victim admitted to making threats to the other Burgenlanders. So the dude – he was accused of making dangerous threats – took off with a distraction. He must pay those he threatens 100 euros each and perform 60 hours of community service, but he has no criminal record.

One acquittal, three convictions
However, for the three main suspects charged with grievous bodily harm, aged between 14 and 16 (at the time of the crime), there were punishments: the boy who had handed the knife to the killer was acquitted. The youth who sprayed pepper spray got off with a month’s probation. And the stabbing itself received only a suspended sentence of 14 months – much to the surprise of the trial observers.

That means he won’t have to spend a day behind bars for near-fatal stab wounds. He also has to pay 2000 euros to the victim. Not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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