GPS tracker on the vehicle – the delivery driver leaves for Germany in the company car


You have to be so cheeky first: the Romanian (36), who works as a delivery driver for an Austrian company, unashamedly told his boss that he had parked the truck on the company premises in Tyrol. In fact, the vehicle crossed the border into Germany, which was easy to track using a GPS tracker.

A 36-year-old delivery driver apparently did not even think about returning the company car properly on Wednesday. According to the Innsbruck police, the Romanian crossed the border into Germany with the vehicle in Kiefersfelden. From there we continued north. The man had told the business owner on the phone that he had parked the truck on the business premises.

GPS tracker directs agents to trucks
But the Romanian didn’t get far, the 36-year-old had reckoned without the built-in GPS tracker. This eventually led officials to Mönchengladbach in Germany on Thursday, where local police officers were able to secure the vehicle.

Source: Krone


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