Tragic accident – boy (10) fell while cycling: emergency surgery!


Tragic accident with dramatic consequences for a child: A ten-year-old was found motionless on the street in Gratkorn, he may have fallen while cycling. A police officer, who is also a paramedic, provided first aid. The boy even had to undergo emergency surgery.

It was around 4:40 p.m. today when a police patrol spotted a boy lying on the ground outside a grocery store in Gratkorn. Several attentive passersby were already with him to provide first aid.

One of the police officers, who is also a paramedic, noticed the victim was bleeding profusely, which he was able to stop with his skills until the Red Cross arrived. The boy was eventually taken to hospital by helicopter.

However, his injuries were so severe that he had to have emergency surgery to stabilize him.

According to the initial findings, the ten-year-old cyclist may have fallen himself near the bicycle sheds in front of the supermarket. Further investigation is being carried out into the exact cause of the accident.

Source: Krone


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