“Cultural Appropriation” – Senior group is not allowed to dance wearing sombreros


A senior dance group from Mannheim bought their own costumes for their show “Weltreise”. But they should not appear. The concern: “cultural appropriation”.

The hard-working seniors of the AWO Ballet in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany, had come up with a very special program for the Bundesgartenshow: it would be called “Around the World”. But six of the planned costumes were not suitable for the organizers.

Assistant trainer: ‘I feel discriminated against’
Specifically, it concerned the dance destinations of Spain, Mexico, Japan, India and Egypt and a scene in the Orient. “We are not allowed to show these six costume creations,” explains Erika Schmaltz, the group’s trainer. “I was quickly dismissed on the grounds that our costumes were cultural appropriation,” adds her assistant trainer Marianne Nannig. “As a senior who wanted to contribute to the garden show, I feel discriminated against,” adds Schmaltz.

The comments are rolling over on Facebook. One user writes: “I don’t need to understand! Poor country.” Another says: “Just RIDICULOUS!” Many believe that artistic freedom is a fundamental right that protects artistic expression.

It remains to be seen whether the women can still perform on Wednesday. They are working on a joint concept to get the program off the ground. The dancers agree: “We certainly don’t want to serve stereotypes. Our show represents cosmopolitanism that should make old people happy!”

Source: Krone


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