The trade unions demand the involvement of the institutions to take measures to guarantee health at work


On the occasion of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, LAB y CC. Oh. They have focused their claims on the victims of asbestos, while the UGT has had an impact on mental health. ELA has denounced “the lack of resources” of governments to address the number of occupational accidents.

The unions with representation in Euskal Herria left today, International Day for Safety and Health at Worktake to the streets to demand the right to health at work and to demand measures against occupational accidents from companies and institutions.

At a demonstration in San Sebastián, DE A He has denounced “corporate impunity and government complicity” in workplace accidents. The person responsible for occupational health at ELA, Peio Igeregi, has criticized the “lack of will and resources” of the Basque and Navarran governments, “really responsible for the deaths at work, totaling 71 in the year 2022 and 15 so far in 2023.” It also warned about the “corporate impunity” at the question.

Previously, the trade union abertzale held a training event in the Kursaal in which they analyzed the effects of new technologies and digitization on working conditions.

LABORATORY has selected the Civivox of Pamplona to carry out the various events mentioned as they have held a meeting with their Labor Prevention Delegates in addition to a demonstration. The general coordinator of the union, Igor Arroyo, has denounced that occupational health is not a priority for the institutions, citing as an example the victims of asbestos.

In statements to Pamplona train station, Arroyo cited the case of a nearby building that still contains asbestos “given the laziness of the institutions” and has denounced six million square meters of polluted land in the Foral community alone is.

In the same line, DC. oo. from the Basque Country has one of the three Basque councils tax exemption for the fees to the victims of asbestos, a problem for which they have the necessary “tools”, and so that the “good news” associated with the creation of a compensation fund can become a reality.

On the occasion of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work, the union organized an informational meeting with delegates in Bilbao under the motto “Asbestos compensation fund, for fair taxation – Bidezko tributazioaren alde”. Upon completion, union representatives marched through the center of the Biscay capital to the headquarters of the Provincial Council of Biscay.

Finally, UGT Euskadi held a conference at its headquarters in Bilbao on the investigation of accidents and incidents of psychosocial origin, as well as the actions of the Labor Inspectorate in this matter. The Secretary of the Occupational Health Union, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, has made an impact on mental health and the need to “visualize this grave reality and find the means to put an end to it”.

Source: EITB


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