“As from a horror movie” – school massacre: Sagittarius (14) compiled death list


Nine people were killed in a gunfire at a central primary school in Belgrade on Wednesday morning. According to the Interior Ministry, eight students and a security guard were killed after a 14-year-old teenager opened fire in a classroom. A teacher and six other students were injured, the Serbian interior ministry said. Some of them were in mortal danger. The armed boy, who had drawn up a death list in advance, was arrested in the schoolyard.

According to Veselin Milic, the police chief in the capital, the first police findings would show that the attacker had been preparing his crime for months. The police obtained from him a list of “students for liquidation”. Sketches and plans that “looked like something out of a horror movie or video game” were found on his desk.

Perpetrators also planned disaster in other classes
He would not only have intended to open fire in his school class, but also to shoot around a few others. As Education Minister Branko Ruzic confirmed, some time ago there was a complaint about bullying, the victim of which was the attacker, but it was not linked to the primary school, but to a private drama school. In Serbia, primary school lasts eight years. You go to school at the age of seven.

The murder weapon belongs to the shooter’s father
The motive for the act was initially unknown. The 14-year-old boy, who allegedly fired his father’s gun and also carried incendiary bombs, was actually described by colleagues as a model student. He was in seventh grade. Media reports said a bad grade in history could trigger the attack. Therefore, it is believed that the target of the attack could be the teacher.

The shock is deep
Milan Milosevic, the father of an elementary school student, said his daughter was in the class where the gun was fired. “She managed to escape. (The man) … shot the teacher first and then he started firing indiscriminately,” Milosevic told N1 TV channel. Officers in helmets and body armor cordon off the area around the school.

‘Parents came, they panicked’
“I saw children running out of school screaming. Parents came, they were in a panic. Later, I heard three shots,” a girl, who attends a secondary school in addition to primary school, told state television RTS. Mayor Nedeljkovic said the school guard got in the way of the gunman, likely preventing more casualties. The guard ” wanted to prevent the tragedy and he was the first victim,” Nedeljkovic told reporters in front of the school building.

The boy launched the attack around 8:40 am. The police and rescue workers flocked to the school in the center of Belgrade. The police have cordoned off the area over a large area, the media report. After the shots, the student ran into the schoolyard and called the police.

Meanwhile, Milan Nedeljkovic, mayor of the central district of Vracar, where the Wladislav Ribnikar school is located, said doctors fought to save the teacher’s life. The woman and three students were admitted to the university clinic and another three students were taken to a children’s clinic.

All injured were operated on
According to Milika Asanin, the head of the university hospital, all the injured have now undergone surgery and are still alive. The 53-year-old history teacher escaped with a stomach wound and injuries to both hands, according to Asanin.

Health Minister Danica Grujicic described the 53-year-old’s health as life-threatening at a press conference. Meanwhile, doctors at the children’s hospital also fought for the life of a student who had been admitted with a serious head injury. Her condition was also life-threatening.

“This is one of the most difficult days in modern Serbian history,” President Aleksandar Vucic told the press in the evening. Serbia is united in mourning.

Source: Krone


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