Captured by train – Two railway workers died near Cologne


Two people died in a train accident near Cologne on Thursday. According to initial investigation, an Intercity (IC) drove into a group of rail workers. Five workers suffered shock, but were unharmed.

That says a spokeswoman for the federal police. The accident happened on a public road near Hürth (State of North Rhine-Westphalia), within sight of a high-rise settlement. According to Deutsche Bahn, the IC 2005 was on its way from Emden to Koblenz with about 50 people. It is not yet clear why he drove into a group of railway workers. Investigators have secured leads.

Passengers had to wait for hours in Zug
Two workers were killed in the accident. Five other workers witnessed the incident and were left in shock. The passengers had to wait for hours on the train and were taken care of. Several of them were injured.

A train spokesman said it was not possible to transport the train at first. He has a brake problem that was probably caused by the accident. The fire brigade and police were deployed en masse and a helicopter also circled above the scene of the accident.

Source: Krone


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