Defenders of abortion rights take to the streets to protest Supreme Court decision


Demonstrations have erupted in several parts of the country over the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling that, if successful, would lift the abortion protections in effect since 1973 and allow states to ban pregnancy terminations.

Euskaraz irakurri: Abortatzeko eskubidaren defendatzaileak kalera atera will say AEBn, Gorenaren erabakia salatzeko

The United States had a very tense day this Tuesday after the leak of a Supreme Court draft sentence that if it goes through would abolish abortion protection which has been in effect since 1973 and would allow states to ban terminations of pregnancy.

The anger of thousands of young people exploded this Tuesday for the High Council of the country, where a growing group of protesters have gathered all day to demand that what they consider to be a backsliding of rights be not allowed, a demonstration led by the prosecutor, Letitia James and promoted on social networks by the former Democratic Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who called for “channeling anger into action.”

The crowd, majority women but very diverse and of all ages, displayed banners with messages such as “If I wanted government in my vagina I would sleep with a senator”, “My body is my decision” or “Abortion is Health”.

United States President Joe Biden warned Tuesday that he is preparing a “response” to defend abortion in the country in the face of the Supreme Court reversing rules protecting this right.

Demonstrations have also been held throughout the day in other parts of the country. In Philadelphia, hundreds of protesters have gathered at City Hall to protest the decision, while the same scene has been repeated in New Haven (Connecticut), in Kerry Park (Seattle), Austin, Los Angeles or Florida, according to what they have collected from US newspapers. .

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