Day 12 of the protests – climate activists demonstrate in Heroes’ Square


For three weeks, the climate activists want to disrupt early traffic and use the chaos to draw attention to their demands. The reason for their protest actions: speed limit 100 on the highway and an effective law to protect the climate. To achieve their goal, the activists, armed with signs, have been protesting since 8:45 am near the Heldentor at the Burgring in Vienna.

On May 2, the “Störwelle” of the last generation of Austria took off. The activists have now entered the third and likely final week of protests. The climate glues are increasingly inflaming tempers.

On Tuesday at 8.45 am, the climate activists will change this by not paralyzing traffic as usual, but protesting in front of Heldenplein. They want to take their concerns directly to the government, according to Last Generation Austria.

Mega Protest am Montag
On Monday morning, just in time for the start of the week, climate activists made headlines with a mega protest.
Streets near Schwarzenbergplatz and Linke Wienzeile were blocked. This time, the activists also targeted the bridges in the federal capital. The next protest followed at 1 p.m. This time, the activists held onto the streets near the Salztorbrücke/corner of Schwedenplatz and once again caused traffic congestion in the inner city.

An activist caused a stir in the morning after she concreted her own hand on the north bridge. According to the police, it was not concrete or cement, but a mixture of sand and glue. The special unit WEGA replaced the young woman with more effort, but unharmed. According to the professional rescue service, only redness of the skin was noted.

Radical forms of protest
The latest generation is resorting to extremely disruptive measures to highlight the climate crisis. They use radical forms, such as sticking to streets. Soup has also been poured over well-known photos, or the water in fountains has been painted bright green.

Source: Krone


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