Levels Rise – Continued Rain: Flood Warning for Vienna


Flooding in parts of Styria, landslides in Carinthia and warnings in Salzburg, Lower Austria and Burgenland: the persistent rainfall is currently keeping the blue light organizations on their toes. Up to 60 liters of precipitation per square meter is expected on Wednesday evening. A flood warning has now also been issued for Vienna.

“On Wednesday night, the cold front of the Scandinavian low ‘Benedikt’ reached Austria. In combination with the Italian low ‘Chappu’, heavy rain can be expected in the Alps until Wednesday afternoon,” the storm center said on Tuesday evening. And in Vienna it has already rained as much as the average for all of May. The last time a flood warning was issued given in the federal capital was in 2021. However, according to Gerald Loew of the Vienna Waters, it is a purely precautionary measure, as he explained on the ORF program “Vienna Today”.

Loew spoke of “very inconsistent” predictions: “It will either be a very small flood. But it could be a ten-year flood.” The New Danube is likely to be flooded, so there is a ban on swimming, all weirs on the Danube Island and the outstations of the Wienerwald streams are occupied, shipping traffic on the Danube may also be temporarily halted.

Rain blessing for the Neusiedlersee
However, the torrential rains provide relief elsewhere: just a few weeks ago, experts considered the situation around Lake Neusiedl to be extremely dramatic. The water level was near a record low. Precipitation in April initially brought relief and the level initially rose by almost four centimeters. After the last continuous rain, another three centimeters were added. And the levels will continue to rise.

Source: Krone


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