Farmers pulled the string – fear of wolves and bears: Almabtrieb in May!


For some alpine farmers in the Ausserfern in Tyrol, this year’s alpine season is over – after less than 14 days! 750 animals were taken from the alpine pastures. The reason is the wolf and bear roaming the area and have already killed 15 sheep. The tension, but also the uncertainty is great!

East Tyrol, the Ötztal and now also the Ausserfern are currently the hotspots for wolves, bears and golden jackals. In the Reutte district, hunters photographed bear footprints in the snow. The photos spread like wildfire across the internet. After 15 tears, the farmers took 750 sheep from the Schwarzwasser in the Lechtal, of which 200 from the Unterland. The journey to the supposedly safe Alm should have protected them from attacks at home.

‘We must act quickly now’
“The mountain season could not have started worse,” says Josef Hechenberger, chairman of the LK in Tyrol: “The fact that cracks have already appeared in many districts confirms the explosiveness of the situation. Now you have to act quickly, when sampling , evaluate and photograph.”

The state entered into force on Friday the second shooting regulation after East Tyrol. It is about a wolf in the municipality of Umhausen in the Ötztal. In 45 hunting areas within a radius of ten kilometers, a wolf can be killed in the next eight weeks. “This shows that while our overall goal remains to lower wolf conservation status, we are taking action as soon as possible,” says LHStv. Josef Geisler (ÖVP).

“It should look like a traffic fine
The same is probably the case in the Ausserfern, where it is also an angry wolf by definition. “More and more mountain tours are being canceled or stopped,” says Stefan Brugger of Weidezone Tirol, an association of thousands of sheep farmers from all over the country. An even faster firing sequence would be desirable. “Tear, assessment, regulation: it should look like a traffic fine,” says Brugger. “Although two days is already very good.”

“Too dangerous for animals, but not for walkers?”
He warns of enormous damage to the image of tourism: “We withdraw from the alpine pastures because of the danger with our animals, but do we let guests in with their lap dogs? When alpine pastures are no longer worked, the problems really begin.”

Source: Krone


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