Passengers panic – ferry crashes into freighter, two dozen injured


A ferry collided with a cargo ship on a canal in the Philippine city of Cebu. A passenger filmed the collision (see video), in which two dozen were slightly injured.

The accident was reportedly preceded by problems with the rudder and engine of the St Jhudiel fast ferry. It was en route from Leyte (an island in the Philippines, note) to the port of Cebu on the island of the same name when the accident happened near the Mactan channel at around 2:45 p.m. local time on Sunday. The ferry collided with the freighter LCT Poseidon.

A tugboat towed the wrecked ship with 208 people on board to the port of Cebu, where all passengers and crew disembarked.

Two dozen passengers were slightly injured in the collision, some of whom were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, the Maritime Executive website reported.

Source: Krone


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