Tyrolean relieved – after asking for help: “Quiet again thanks to ‘Krone’!”


Nine months after the report of alleged drug deals and stabbings in Innsbruck’s Wilten district, conditions appear to have improved. “Thanks to the crown”, Mrs. Sonja R. emphasizes. According to her, the children can “play safely in the garden again”.

Sonja R. from Innsbruck sounded the alarm at the beginning of September last year. As reported, the Tyrolean, who has lived in an apartment on Speckbacherstrasse for 22 years, complained that “drug deals and stabbings are the order of the day” in the apartment building next door. At the time, the woman reported found syringes and an attack on the former janitor.

Mrs. R. was particularly concerned about the children playing in the courtyard: “They should not notice how the police sometimes use sniffer dogs to search the area for drugs and accessories.” The “Tiroler Krone” then also asked with the police. “Operations in the affected area do not take place every day, but an accumulation can be seen,” it sounds.

‘Children can play safely in the garden again’
Now Mrs. R. got in touch again – this time with positive news. “Thanks to the article in the Krone about the conditions in Wilten because of the Moroccans and drug stories, something did happen,” she says. Some people got eviction notices and left.

“Now it is quieter and nicer to live there again. The children can romp and play in the garden carefree again,” says the Innsbruck resident, happily emphasizing that her neighbors are also relieved.

Only a negative aftertaste remains. “It’s really sad that you first have to get the media involved to get the city to do anything at all,” the woman concludes pensively.

Source: Krone


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