Telephone contact – search for fallen 20-year-old hiker


A young hiker in Bad Goisern (Upper Austria) did not call the mountain rescue service or any other emergency call after a fall. The police helicopter also took off to search for the missing person.

The 20-year-old local hiker used the nice weather for a trip to the Schachtelstern, a mountain peak in Bad Goisern. The young woman knows the area well, saw a new, well-used path at the end of her walk and followed it. But that led astray, eventually all traces were lost, she ended up on sloping ground and slipped.

It went down about 15 meters uncontrollably, luckily the hiker remained conscious. She alerted a friend via cell phone, who in turn called the mountain rescue service and other helpers. The police helicopter also took off to search after the accident victim said she was not seriously injured. In fact, the crew of the “flying eye” discovered the missing person and brought her safely to the valley, where it became clear: the injuries she sustained in the crash are not so minor after all.

Source: Krone


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