Ming dynasty porcelain treasure discovered


Treasure hunters have made a special find in the South China Sea. At a depth of 1,500 meters, with the help of a submarine, they discovered two shipwrecks, one of which once carried tens of thousands of porcelain tableware. The 500-year-old Ming dynasty tableware (see video above) is invaluable according to experts.

Cameras from the Shenhai Yongshi Submarine (pictured below) show – as far as the eye can see – stacks of traditional blue-and-white porcelain rice bowls and plates, as well as ornate vases and jars. Experts assume that the service dates from the Zhengde period (1506 to 1521 AD) of the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644).

Priceless porcelain
Chinese media have not disclosed the value of the astonishing find, but a single Ming dynasty drinking vessel from around the same period was sold in 2016 for £3.6 million. According to reports from the Antiquities Authority, the treasure was found in the wreck called “Shipwreck 1” in the South China Sea. The researchers believe the ceramics were stacked in containers about ten feet high and washed out when the ship sank.

Director of the Department of Archeology of China’s State Cultural Heritage Administration Yan Yalin said of “Shipwreck 1”: “The sunken ship is relatively well preserved, with a large number of cultural remains and a relatively clear era.” one historical, scientific and artistic value. “It is not only a great discovery of deep-sea archeology in my country, but also a great archaeological discovery in the world,” he told The Guardian.

Second ship had loaded logs
Hundreds of similar sized logs were also found in a second wreck – “Shipwreck 2” – nearby. These were arranged neatly next to each other. They are believed to be from the earlier Hongzhi period (1488 to 1505) of the Ming dynasty. Both wrecks were discovered last October. Chinese researchers are currently conducting an extensive survey of the site.

The scientists believe the discovery is strong confirmation of China’s role as an important trading partner with countries around the South China Sea, the maritime stretch of the famous Silk Road.

Source: Krone


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