Peru: Police seize 58 kilos of “Nazi” cocaine


In Peru, the police made a very strange discovery on Thursday. At the port of Paita, officials found brick-sized packages of cocaine in a refrigerated container with images of the black-white-red swastika flag taped to it.

The cocaine was hidden in a shipping container with asparagus on a Liberian-flagged ship. According to the Peruvian police, he had left earlier in neighboring Ecuador.

Hitler’s name printed in the cocaine paste
The family name of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was also pressed into the cocaine paste in capital letters. According to the Peruvian National Police, the destination of the container in which the 58 packages of drugs were found was a port in Belgium.

The packages of cocaine, each weighing one kilo, were hidden in a container that transported asparagus. During the police action, about eighty containers on board the ship were searched. Police videos and photos show that the drugs were in the container’s ventilation system.

Peru second largest cocaine producer in the world
Cocaine is produced almost exclusively in the South American countries of Peru, Colombia and Bolivia and then smuggled mainly to the US and Europe. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Peru is the second largest producer of coca leaf in the world and also the second largest producer of cocaine in the world according to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Source: Krone


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