Cannot be led: – “Tiring discussions about the vegan cook”


“Education and possible types of training must be modernized and adapted to today’s times,” says Marcus Arige, president of the Social Democratic Business Association Vienna in the conversation on with Jürgen Winterleitner. “I think at some point we took a wrong turn, believing that everything should be accredited.”

It is wrong to think that people who work manually are worth less than those who work with their heads. And: “There is almost no guarantee for every job.” Arige: “We have a shortage of 7,000 electrical engineers throughout Austria. Without electrical engineers, there would be no climate change and no energy transition to counter it. It won’t work.”

“We are still far behind in terms of digitization”
It’s an incredibly complicated system until you even change the job profile. “Of course this is a dialogue between social partners.” Developments such as artificial intelligence must be reflected in curricula and training. But you also need to train teachers who can teach these things to young people. “When it comes to digitization, we are still far behind.” Instead you have exhausting discussions about vegan chefs or schnitzel chefs. “That’s just not possible in the 21st century.” It is the basic education that is important for young people.

You can see the entire conversation with Marcus Arige in the video above.

Source: Krone


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