Pro-Russian hackers? – Italy is struggling with a large-scale cyber attack


Italy is currently battling an extensive hacker attack. He would have shut down the websites of various organizations and institutions.

The target of Friday’s cyber attack was the Ministry of Industry in Rome, whose IT system was inaccessible. “An initial check did not reveal any data theft: technicians are working to mitigate the impact of the attack, although it is not possible to predict the timetable for the resumption of services,” the ministry said.

The pro-Russian hacker group NoName057(16) claimed to have crippled the system on Wednesday with a cyber attack on the portal for issuing electronic identity cards of the Italian Ministry of the Interior. As a result, citizens could not reach the website where they can request the production of an identity card. Experts are working to restore the system.

Hacker attacks have been on the rise in Italy lately. For this reason, the Italian government created a national cybersecurity agency last year.

Source: Krone


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