Pensioner released – car overturns: construction workers as lifesavers


Friday morning in Vienna-Floridsdorf there was a violent collision between a 69-year-old driver and another vehicle. Several construction workers managed to free the elderly woman from the car just in time and thus save her life.

Shortly after the accident, it started smoking in the older woman’s car. Therefore, workers at a construction site next to the accident scene smashed a window, took the woman out and administered first aid, Daniel Steiner, spokesman for Vienna’s professional rescue service, reported. employ. The injured had already been freed when the emergency services arrived.

Car had flipped over
The accident happened in Adolf-Loos-Gasse. The driver of the overturned small car suffered at least chest injuries and was taken to a hospital emergency room after being treated by paramedics for further clarification. No one in the other vehicle involved was injured.

Professional firefighters removed the 69-year-old’s damaged car from the road and parked it safely. Secure means “disconnecting the battery from the vehicle, removing protruding body parts and masking broken windows,” explains fire service spokesman Christian Feiler.

Source: Krone


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