Azpiazu defends a pact to raise wages in a “moderate and slow” way


The economy and finance minister has insisted that the best way to deal with the situation is through social dialogue, collective bargaining, “reflection” on working conditions, the distribution of surpluses and the income agreement.

Euskaraz irakurri: Soldatak modu “moderatu eta lasaian” igotzeko ituna defendatu du Azpiazuk

Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Azpiazu has again opted for a “revenue agreement” between Government, employers and employeesso that wages “adjust” to the rise in inflation “in a moderate and slow manner”.

Azpiazu commented this way in the full control over the Basque parliament to a question from the representative of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU David Soto, about the situation caused by the rise in inflation which reached 9.5% in March in the Basque Country.

The counselor has insisted that the best way to handle the situation is through the social dialogue, collective bargainingthe “reflection” on working conditions, the distribution of surpluses and the income agreement.

However, he has reiterated that risk of a “second derivative inflation”“if the salaries are updated as a general rule with the sole reference to the increase in CPI.

“We have to be very serious. That is why I demand an income pact and that under the responsibility of the government, businessmen and workers we are able to adjust wages to the situation, but in a moderate and slow way,” he defended.

Azpiazu has argued for waiting to see the effect of the measures taken by Pedro Sánchez’s management and the European Union in light of the rise in energy prices following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but has insisted that the “bill” of inflation “we all have to pay for it”.

He also assured that the Basque government is acting to the best of its ability to cope with inflation. However, he has said that it does not depend solely on Euskadi or the state that Europe and the European Central Bank “have a lot to say about it”.

“We can’t look the other way and think that the other has to solve it, it’s everyone’s problem,” said the aid worker, who said that some “should make more effort than others because it is also a question of solidarity” and has made it clear that the Basque government maintains its goal of supporting the people, companies and groups most affected by the effects of inflation.

“If we make the situation worse, the sacrifice we have to make in the future will be even greater and that would be irresponsible,” Azpiazu said.

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Source: EITB


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