Years of martyrdom – parents allegedly abused their daughter: custody


The regional criminal court on Monday evening imposed pre-trial detention on the parents, who allegedly abused their 23-year-old daughter in Vienna-Döbling for years. This was announced by court spokesman Christoph Zonsics-Kral. According to Zonsics-Kral, the risk of committing a crime and collusion was believed to be the reason for detention. The 53-year-old father and his one year younger wife deny the allegations.

The two were arrested over the weekend by order of the Vienna public prosecutor’s office on charges of continued violence after their daughter went to a police station and reported the parents. The daughter may have suffered from the strict regime of the two since childhood and experienced violence.

Beaten and tortured for ten years
She was allegedly beaten and tortured regularly for about ten years. Verbal humiliations were apparently the order of the day. The father would have torn earrings from the earlobe of the girl or young woman as punishment or punished the daughter with a belt if she did not meet his standards and values. She would have been locked in the apartment for several days and deprived of her freedom.

“Religious and Ideological Backgrounds”
“It cannot be ruled out that religious and philosophical backgrounds played a role,” the national police said this weekend. The parents are formally stateless, but originally from Afghanistan. The daughter also accuses the two of having to take out loans for them from a bank under threat of violence.

In addition to continued violence and deprivation of liberty, the couple is also being investigated for serious extortion and serious coercion. The LKA, West Branch, is investigating further. The 23-year-old is now in a women’s shelter.

The Viennese police see themselves as a point of contact for people who observe violence or who are themselves victims of violence. The emergency number can be reached at all times on 133. The Crime Prevention Department of the Viennese Criminal Investigation Department also offers personal advice via the hotline 0800-216346. Other contact points are the women’s helpline (0800-222555) and the Viennese intervention center/violence protection center (0800-700217), victim helpline: (0800-112112) and the emergency helpline of the Association of Vienna Women’s Shelters (057722) .

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