The Cortes Generales are formed on August 17


The election campaign will begin at 00:00 on Friday, July 7, the feast of San Fermín, and will end at 24:00 on July 21.

The Cortes Generales will be constituted on August 17 according to the Royal Decree of election call for July 23 and the dissolution of the Congress and Senate, which the Council of Ministers approved today.

The Royal Decree, which will be published next Tuesday in the Staatscourant (BOE), indicates that the election campaign will start at 00:00 on Friday July 7San Fermín festival, and ends at midnight day 21.

Once the elections called by this Royal Decree have been held, the resulting chambers will meet in constituent sessions on the day August 17 at 10 a.m.

The Council of Ministers today approved the advance of the general elections after the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, informed King Felipe VI to sign the Royal Decree.

This Royal Decree will be published this Tuesday in the BOE and will enter into force the same day, so that from Tuesday the chambers of the Congress and the Senate they will be definitively dissolved until the XV Legislature is assembled on August 17.

The plenary sessions take place simultaneously In both chambers and in Congress, it shall be presided over initially by the eldest elected delegate and assisted as secretaries by the two youngest. During these sessions, the Congress and Senate elect their presidents and the members of the boards of directors.

Source: EITB


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