Before the daffodil festival – Bad Aussee: floods like last time in 1985


Before the daffodil festival – Bad Aussee: floods like last time in 1985

The worst is over, but a few shops still have to be cleared of the traces of the flood: Bad Aussee in Styria is dressing again for the famous Daffodil Festival after yesterday’s stormy night. The last time such stormy chaos reigned in the village was in 1985.

Thursday volume, 5.30 pm: Alarm for the fire brigade of Bad Aussee. A thunderstorm had unleashed over the idyllic spa town in the Styrian Salzkammergut. It poured with rain for an hour, 50 liters of rain fell per square meter. “The damage reports came in one after the other,” reports firefighter manager Angelo Egger of the “Krone”.

The main cause of the downtown flooding: A clogged stream had overflowed and ball-sized stones had washed into the downtown area. “The rehabilitation center in the city was also affected,” says Egger. Meranplatz, known for its shops, was completely flooded by a stream from the direction of Kirchengasse. The water penetrated shops, bars and residential buildings, sometimes reaching a height of half a meter.

108 Florianis in action
The emergency services were deployed on a large scale, 108 emergency services from the Bad Aussee, Strassen, Obertressen, Reitern, Eselsbach/Unterkainisch and Altaussee fire brigade had their hands full for six hours, cellars had to be pumped empty and debris removed. “The operation ended around midnight.”

The last time there was a similar situation in the beautiful spa town was in 1985 – just before the Narcissus Festival. But thanks to the numerous helpers, nothing stands in the way of Austria’s most beautiful flower festival!

Source: Krone


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