Plus 157 percent – hotelier angry: 3000 euros per month for gas


The mother of a Tyrolean hotel operator is stunned. Gas supplier Tigas is demanding no less than 157 percent more from 1 July. The bottom line is that the bonus doubles your deposit from 1500 to 3000 euros. “It is unacceptable that politicians do not intervene,” she emphasizes.

“Massive price increase for Tyrolean gas customers”, headlined the “Krone” in mid-May. As reported, the natural gas supplier has announced an increase in the raw energy price for existing customers from EUR 5.85 to EUR 15.05 gross per kilowatt hour. “The high purchase costs of the previous year, sometimes more than 300 euros per megawatt hour, will ultimately affect the end consumer, especially since we do not have our own generation,” explains Martin Grubhofer, general manager of Tigas, the huge price explosion. .

At the same time, an attempt was made to calm down customers at least a little with a “time-bound special offer bonus”.

Last year the price doubled
The concrete effects can now be felt. Christa Fahringer reported to the “Tiroler Krone”. In 2005 she and her husband founded a hotel in Kufstein. In 2019 they handed over the company to their daughter Viktoria and her sister. Since then the hotel is called “Viktorias Home”. A few days ago, an information letter from the Tigas landed in the hotel’s mailbox. The mother sent the “Krone” a photo of the letter. It states that the gas price, which was around 5.2 cents per kilowatt hour until June 30, will be increased to around 13.4 cents from July 1. An increase of proud 157 percent! Thanks to the Tigas bonus, it’s “only” 10.2 cents.

“For the hotel, this means that the monthly bill will be around 3,000 euros instead of the previous 1,500. It used to be €800. But last year there was already a doubling,” says the mother on the phone.

‘Other providers on the internet are cheaper’
Absolutely incomprehensible to Christa Fahringer. The hotelier immediately picked up the phone and called the Tigas service center to find out the concrete reason for the enormous increase. “The lady on the other end of the line said in a nutshell that everything was getting more expensive,” she says. Particularly curious about Fahringer: “I compared the price with other providers on These are significantly cheaper than the Tigas.”

It is still unclear whether the subsidiary will now switch to another gas supplier. In any case, the mother now sees the politicians in the country as a duty. “After all, the Tigas – just like the Tiwag – belongs to all of us. It is unacceptable that no action is taken here.’ Finally, Fahringer says that “you can’t suddenly charge hotel guests twice as much.”

Source: Krone


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