The Ertzaintza unions warn they are “fed up” with Security’s “arrogance and stubbornness”


ErNE, Esan, Euspel and Sipe have spoken this way after last Sunday, at a time of strong union protests for better wages in the workforce, the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, warned the Ertzaintza that “they cannot lose the respect of society”.

Labor unions ErNE, Esan, Euspel and Sipe warned this Monday that the ertzainas are “fed up” with the “arrogance and stubbornness” of the Ministry of Security, which “has no interest in updating the Terms of employment of the workers and workers.

In a joint statement, the four unions warned that the case of the negotiation of the working conditions in the Ertzaintza “is not a question of language or lack of will of the collective”, but “a problem of hampering juggling of an administration with an absolute lack of empathy and commitment to the Basque police and its labor and material needs“.

ErNE, Esan, Euspel and Sipe have spoken this way after last Sunday’s lehendakari, Inigo Urkulluat a time of strong union protests, the Ertzaintza warned of salary improvements in the workforce “they cannot lose the respect of society”.

As they reviewed, “the disqualifications of disgruntled employees who systematically, in a legal and orderly manner, demand an update of their working conditions it is a shamewhich isn’t the first time it’s happened”.

Source: EITB


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