Joke with Consequences – Instead of water, foam bubbled up in the fountain


On Monday evening, previously unknown perpetrators contaminated the fountain in the city park of Villach (Carinthia). They foamed the water with a substance.

The fountain, which has a capacity of more than 2000 liters, foamed with a liquid that had been added by external influences. “The substance has ended up in the entire well circuit. That is why it has to be completely pumped out and then disposed of in a controlled manner, because we don’t know what it is,” explains Katholnig, deputy mayor and advisor for the economic yard and the urban green.

The move is a huge effort, the costs of which are paid from the state treasury. Katholnig is very upset: “This is completely unnecessary expenditure for the city of Villach. I hope the perpetrators realize that the public is being harmed by their mischief!”

It is not the first time that wells have been contaminated with soapy liquids. The fountains in Klagenfurt on the Alter Platz, Arthur-Lemisch-Platz and in the Landhaushof have also been turned into foam in recent years.

Source: Krone


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