Large-scale firefighting operation – Three people rescued from burning apartment


The Götzis fire brigade from Vorarlberg saved the lives of three people on Tuesday. These were located in a burning apartment in an apartment building in Götzis. The Floriani disciples brought the three to safety via a climber from the balcony. The cause of the fire was initially unclear.

Around 2 p.m., the fire brigade in Götzis received an alarm that an apartment in an apartment building was on fire. On arrival, the crews immediately noticed that they needed reinforcements. “The Altach, Mäder and Hohenems fire brigades were also called out at the time,” says Alexander Bell, the operational manager responsible for the Götzis fire brigade.

There were three people in the burning apartment. The fire brigade took her out with a ladder via the balcony. It was initially unclear whether they had been injured. It is clear that the fire started in the bedroom of the apartment. However, the reasons are still unclear.

Source: Krone


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