Mother arrested – son (12) locked in dog crate – fell into coma


A 12-year-old boy was allegedly abused, tortured and locked in a dog box by his own mother in Lower Austria for weeks. The child fell into a coma. The woman has since been arrested for attempted murder, reports the ‘Kurier’ on Monday.

The case is breathtaking: a 12-year-old child was allegedly locked up like an animal in a dog box for weeks last winter and tortured to the point of falling into a life-threatening coma. The perpetrator would have been the boy’s mother. The woman from the Waldviertel is suspected of attempted murder.

Tortured into “discipline”.
As the “Kurier” reported Monday, according to initial investigations by the Lower Austrian criminal police, the child was doused with cold water in an unheated room for “discipline” when it was freezing cold. Finally, on November 23, the 12-year-old was taken to a hospital in the Waldviertel in critical condition, malnourished and severely hypothermic. The hospital immediately reported the incident and the mother was arrested.

Supreme Court rejected appeal
The 32-year-old has been detained in Krams ever since. The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office confirms this to the “Kurier”. The case only became known months later when the mother filed a fundamental rights complaint about the detention imposed on her. However, this was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Investigations include attempted murder, torture or neglect of minors, young people or defenseless persons and other crimes against women. According to the court, the mother allegedly abused her child physically and mentally, “by striking him repeatedly – most recently daily – with his fists, not seeking medical treatment for his injuries, bruising him by pulling and forcibly restraining him. held him down, hit him on a dog’s nest, put him to sleep, starved him, and poured cold water on him in countless attacks.

Child had a body temperature of 26.8 degrees
The woman is suspected of holding the 12-year-old captive by tying and gagging him and repeatedly locking him in a large dog crate for hours at a time. The police report also states that she allegedly tried to kill the boy by dousing him with cold water several times a day while opening the windows of the apartment for hours when the temperature was below zero. As a result, the child’s body temperature dropped to 26.8 degrees – he fell into a coma.

Mother remains in custody
A social worker is said to have called the rescue service just in time on November 23 and thus saved the life of the 12-year-old. Since then, the investigations of the Krems public prosecutor and the murder investigators of the state criminal investigation department have been ongoing. The mother remains in custody, but some reports on the case are still pending, according to prosecutors.

Source: Krone


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