Prison sentences for perpetrators – “Unprecedented procedure”: 63-year-old tortured


Prison sentences for perpetrators – “Unprecedented procedure”: 63-year-old tortured

“I want to say in advance that this will be an unprecedented procedure, which people can be capable of without any reason,” warns the prosecutor in the Vienna regional court. In front of them are a 43-year-old and his 40-year-old girlfriend. They are accused of terrible things: they allegedly tortured a close friend of the suspect’s mother.

A person who would actually depend on the help of others. According to a report, the victim has an intellectual disability. The prosecutor characterizes him as “simply structured, with naive thinking”. Its adult representative describes its nature as “very scared and reserved”. The mother of the 43-year-old Viennese was his only social contact.

The victim had to kneel on the floor for hours
And most of all, her son and his partner attacked him and left him badly injured. According to the indictment, there should have been a conversation in January 2020 between the 63-year-old victim and the two defendants in the mother’s apartment – they disagreed with the contact between him and the 59-year-old. Instead of reconciling, the two Viennese beat and kicked the man to the ground and then made him kneel for hours.

suffered sepsis from internal injury
What followed made everyone in the courtroom grimace: the defendant forced the already injured man to take off his trousers and assaulted him with a bamboo stick. “The victim was in very, very bad shape,” the prosecutor tries to clarify. Only in the evening they let him leave the apartment. He collapsed in the street because of his serious injuries, including internal ones. Multiple organ failure due to sepsis could only be prevented with prompt medical treatment.

“The fact is that something terrible happened to the man,” defender Wolfgang Haas admits. But neither his client nor the 43-year-old Wener want to be responsible for that. “We actually always got along very well and had fun together,” he says about the relationship with the victim. Hard to believe given the horrific events the 63-year-old describes in his conflicting interrogation.

Both suspects see the mother as the culprit. Which would have influenced him to make this statement and accuse the two. Because even the 59-year-old would not have handled the victim properly. He and his adult representative reported blows and bruises…

Prison sentences for torture of 63-year-old
At the Vienna Regional Court, however, everyone blames themselves and denies any abuse of the 63-year-old. But the injuries are objectified: a broken cheekbone, a serial rib fracture, a pierced rectum and more. That also convinced the jury. Due to, among other things, rape and intentionally grievous bodily harm, the first defendant Wener must go to prison for seven years. His partner was sentenced to three years in prison for, among other things, deliberately inflicting grievous bodily harm and coercion. The judgments are not final.

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