“Only sore muscles” – the Vienna hospital sent a man home with a heart attack


The 2022 annual report of the Vienna Nursing and Patient Advocacy (WPPA) once again shows the current grievances in the Vienna healthcare system and especially in the hospitals. In addition to general quality defects, the reported cases are particularly shocking, involving treatment errors by doctors or nurses. These errors are often due to a lack of staff.

Over the past year, the Vienna Health Association has too often tried to relativize the danger reports of the desperate workers, including those from the Ottakring Clinic, the Floridsdorf Clinic and Favoriten and the AKH, as “exaggerated actions,” the WPPA writes. in his current report. But the accumulation of advertisements coupled with bed closures and postponements of operations would indicate serious staffing problems.

Fatal diagnostic errors
And of course they are not always without consequences. Of all the complaints received by the WPPA over the past year, those suggesting an association with substance use problems, often related to communication weaknesses, were selected as examples for the report. Particularly in outpatient clinics, criticism was expressed about the lack of telephone accessibility and the lack of care while waiting. But also diagnostic errors, which in the case of a 31-year-old led to death.

Source: Krone


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