Use in Tyrol – 70 Florianis tamed night forest fire


Hours of work for the Silz volunteer fire brigade (Imst district) in Tyrol: Saturday night there was a forest fire in a forest in the Simmering area. 70 emergency services were on site to extinguish the 400 square meter area.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the Florianis from Silz were called to the scene. In the course of the “Herz-Jesu-Fire”, the fire probably spread to about 400 square meters in the steep terrain through smaller trees and roots. “The place of the fire was about 80 meters above the valley. The pumps of the tank firefighting vehicles were sufficient to pump the water to the seat of the fire with a B-line,” said the Silz fire brigade.

Extinguishing work on Sunday
The fire was extinguished for the time being around 1 a.m. Follow-up checks with a drone were arranged in the early hours of the morning. “During this overflight, a few small cinders could still be found in the soil or roots,” de Florianis said. The fire was then extinguished until 08:00 on Sunday morning before the fire was really successfully fought. The exact cause of the fire is still being determined.

Source: Krone


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