At the celebration of the solstice, Vorarlberger (36) fell 300 meters to his death


A 36-year-old man fell from a mountain top at 300 meters over a gully on Saturday evening in the municipality of Bürs (Vorarlberg) during a midsummer celebration. A companion of the same age who wanted to descend to the 36-year-old with three people also fell.

He was rescued by helicopter and flown to Feldkirch Regional Hospital. Police say he is out of danger. The group planned to light a midsummer bonfire on the mountaintop.

The 36-year-old lost his balance
A total of twelve people climbed the Tantermauzen (1,822 meters) over the Nonnenalpe on Saturday afternoon for the midsummer fire. There is a fireplace just below the cross on the top. The group waited for dusk on the mountaintop, then as they headed for the fireplace, the 36-year-old lost his balance and fell.

All help came too late
While descending to the victim, the second 36-year-old fell. One person still got through to the first victim, but could only find death. As a result, two members of the group descended independently, the other persons were taken to safety with the police helicopter. The entire group was taken care of by a crisis intervention team at the mountain rescue center in Bludenz.

Source: Krone


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