Total blockade at night – vehicle on the A2 went up in flames


A real fireball burned out on Monday evening on the southern motorway (A2) between Pinggau and Schäffern in Styria: a small van completely burned out there for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

The flames on the A2 towards Vienna in the dressing area could be seen from afar: shortly before midnight on Sunday, a van between Pinggau and Schäffern was completely on fire.

Difficult extinguishing work and total closure
Fortunately, when the fire brigade arrived, the Czech driver was already safe and unharmed. The 54-year-old had previously noticed the smoke inside and stopped his truck, which had been converted into a mobile home, on the hard shoulder. Another driver alerted the fire department.

However, the enormous heat made it difficult for the emergency services to extinguish the fire, because the doors did not move an inch, the fire in the interior flared up again and again and heavy respiratory protection was used.

Only after the rear doors were opened using a hydraulic spreader could the fire be completely extinguished. Only one wreck remained, which was recovered by a salvage company. Damage of several tens of thousands of euros is believed to have occurred.

Cause of fire still unknown
After about two hours, the operation was completed. The A2 had to be completely closed in the direction of Vienna for about an hour to 00:40. The cause of the fire is still unclear and the police are investigating.

Source: Krone


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