All help came too late – the motorcycle crashed into the house wall: the driver (57) died


Shortly before Pöls in the Graz-Umwelt district, oncoming traffic forced a 57-year-old to steer his machine to the right, causing a tragic accident that ended in his death.

Witnesses described the terrible accident on Sunday afternoon just before the vicinity of Pöls (Graz-Umwelt district): A 57-year-old was there around 1.40 pm, coming from Preding on the L 303, overtook a car that was driving in front of him, but because he had a car, the driver had to steer abruptly to the right.

The bike hit Griller and crashed into the house wall
As a result, the man from the Graz-Umwelt district went off the road, hit a grill in a garden and then crashed into a house wall. The rescue chain was immediately set in motion: an ambulance, a helicopter arrived on the scene, as did the police and the fire brigade. Unfortunately, all help came too late for the 57-year-old, he died on the spot.

Source: Krone


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