Exposed by experts – “I am innocent”: 10 years in prison


All in white as an innocent lamb, a multi-convicted serial robber (33) took place before the jury in Linz for the third time on Wednesday. Even before entering the hall, he says he is innocent. During the trial, he also wanted nothing to do with the armed robbery of a flower shop in Linz-Ebelsberg.

He was on trial for aggravated theft – by the way, the loot was only “heavy” at 310 euros. Normally, the sentence is 15 years, but due to his history, the accused had to face up to 20 years in prison.

“My ex and her new boyfriend are trying to pass this on to me. Investigate in this direction, you will definitely find something,” the suspect said several times. Not even an anthropological report could change his mind. According to the expert, 13 facial features of the suspect would match the perpetrator, who was masked with a wig. The chance that the suspect is the perpetrator is at least 95 percent.

The suspect did not believe that, but the judges did and found the serial perpetrator guilty: ten years in prison, not final.

Source: Krone


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