Great fear for the future – inflation and wars are the main concerns of young people


Great fear for the future – inflation and wars are the main concerns of young people

According to the results of a new study, 55 percent of 16- to 29-year-olds are very concerned about inflation. 47 percent are afraid of possible wars, while almost 39 percent see climate change as a threat. Women are clearly more concerned on all points.

Climate change ranks fourth among young people’s concerns, compared to eighth among the general population. However, it ranks well behind the topics of “price rises”, “wars” and “inflation” (the latter point was examined separately from “price rises”).

“The young people are certainly not indifferent to the climate, but are very concerned,” explains Bernhard Heinzlmaier*, who led the study. The biggest differences with the general population can be found in the areas of “crime”, “immigration” and “aggressive youth”, which only a few young people encounter.

Cars remain important for young people
Only a quarter of the group surveyed spend their holidays exclusively in Austria, almost half travel abroad and the rest spend holidays at home and abroad. The most popular mode of transport is the car (44 percent), followed by the plane (39 percent). Only eleven percent say they go on holiday by train. When choosing the means of transport, price (61 percent), ease of use (51 percent) and comfort (50 percent) play the most important role.

Young people attach great importance to work-life balance
Just over a quarter of those surveyed believe that an academic education offers benefits in life. Even an apprenticeship is only seen by a third as training that offers good career prospects. For those surveyed, the most important factors in working life are a good working atmosphere, appropriate remuneration and a healthy work-life balance.

Living space and energy costs are hardly affordable anymore
The majority of respondents (63 percent) think it is becoming increasingly difficult for their generation to buy a house or apartment. Almost as many people find it difficult to find affordable housing as a young family. Slightly more than half believe that the average family can no longer afford the increased energy costs.

*As part of the representative youth value survey by trend agency T-Factory in collaboration with the Institute for Youth Research, 800 people aged 16 to 29 were surveyed online in the spring of 2023.

Source: Krone


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