Cordoba incorporates taxi stops that are adapted for people with visual impairments


The Cordoba City Hall Loyalty to accessibility and that is what has now started with three new proposals Improve universal access Using technology. One such improvement is the introduction of an app to help taxi stands Visually impaired people.

One year has passed since its implementation Navigation codes In Cordoba, an initiative that, in the words of Bernardo Giordano, “balances what we are doing, is more than satisfactory and forces us to redouble our commitment to such tools.”

Giordano names the Ronda Tejares bus stop where the pilot test was conducted, which proved to be very satisfactory. Currently, after one year of operation, nearly 800 interactions have been added to the pilot test With people Visual impairment And another 100 from regular users. They believe that the testing was successful.

The rest of the apps were installed at taxi stops in the summer. There were 20 in total, and all together, up to 2,000 interactions. That is why they believe that this initiative to promote accessibility was a triumph.

“Only in the test conducted in MJRT’s work” Viva el pelo “since May, it records the interaction of up to 100 users with visual impairments and more than 300 ordinary users. At this stage, keep in mind that the application allows the description of the picture in sign language or access to 34 different languages, “- explains the person in charge.

Three different proposals for accessibility for people with disabilities

Work on it Universal accessFrom Cordoba City Council, they came up with three different proposals to enhance the use of codes and technologies:

  1. Think of taxi stops at people with visual impairments so that they can easily find and use them. There are more than 120 stops today. With the same code we can give access to this group who, in addition to doing nothing else, can contact the service to request a car if the stop is empty. This is the code and will be ready in the coming days.
  2. At Aucorsa stops, through next-generation foundations, it will be implemented at a total of 167 stops, which will also be subject to other adaptations, such as the installation of podotacit flooring or communication systems for the hearing impaired.
  3. At MJRT itself, where we offer the use of 35 codes, 29 of them for drawings and 6 rooms, with which we are making tremendous progress in making our museum the most accessible we know of. This is, for example, the code that belongs to the work “La chiquita piconera”.

Source: El Diario


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