Use in Donaustadt – Alkolenker’s car suddenly caught fire


A 66-year-old not only had to say goodbye to his car around 8 p.m. on Friday, but also to his driver’s license. The man’s vehicle suddenly caught fire in Gänsehäufelgasse in Vienna-Donaustadt. After the flames were extinguished, he had to take an alcohol test – which came back positive.

Officials were alerted on Gänsehäufelgasse on Friday because of a car on fire. Due to the fire, the site had to be cordoned off over a large area, the Viennese police reported. However, the fire was quickly extinguished.

Lost your car and driver’s license in no time
The car belonged to a 66-year-old man. According to current knowledge, his vehicle would have suddenly caught fire while driving. However, why is still unclear. The man had to do an alcohol test on the spot – he had 1.4 promille in the blood. As a result, the driver not only got rid of his completely burnt-out car, but the 66-year-old also had to temporarily surrender his driver’s license.

The fire not only damaged the vehicle, but also parts of an adjacent residential building were damaged by the fire. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

Source: Krone


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