Grain conflict rages – Putin: Russia can replace supplies


Shortly after Moscow dropped the grain deal, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was ready to replace Ukraine’s grain supplies.

In an article published on the Kremlin’s website for African media, Putin, who only met his ally, Belarusian ruler Lukashenko, in St. Petersburg on Saturday, emphasized his country’s ability to replace Ukrainian grain both commercially and at no cost.

Putin also referred to the prospect of another record harvest this year. The announcement came ahead of a planned Russia-Africa summit to be held in the Russian city of St Petersburg on Thursday.

In 2022, Russia exported 11.5 million tons of grain to Africa, almost 10 million tons in the first six months of this year. “And this despite the sanctions imposed on our exports, which actually make it significantly more difficult to export Russian food to developing countries,” Putin continued.

Russia is working “vigorously” on supplies
Despite the sanctions imposed by the West, Russia will continue to work “vigorously” to supply grain, food, fertilizer and more to African countries.

Regarding the grain deal blocked by Moscow, which allowed Ukrainian grain to be exported across the Black Sea for about a year, Putin wrote that the export corridor had lost its humanitarian significance. Most of the nearly 33 million tons of grain went to high- and upper-middle-income countries.

Putin: ‘Grains deal shamelessly exploited’
In reality, the grain deal was “shamelessly used solely to enrich major American and European companies that exported and resold grain from Ukraine.”

Source: Krone


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